KCC Builds

This Easter weekend people all around the world ate chocolates and hot cross buns, went to church services and spent time good friends and family. This Easter, we did some of these things, but we also began the foundations for the stone security wall on […]


We started a school garden early this year, with our volunteers and the permanent school volunteers.  The garden is right by the kitchen and will be providing most of our vegetable needs in time. Currently we buy from local farmers and receive a small donation […]

Rebuild & Start Again

Its been over a month since the devastating fire claimed over 3000 people’s homes in KCC slums. The response from the local community has been mixed, but predominately people have believed that they should stay, and start again. Some of the families have lived in […]

Our Future Is Now

Medical Camp Results

On Friday and Saturday we ran a two day medical camp for the whole community from the KCC ECD School. Using classrooms and three tents we provided services in: minor treatments,  growth and monitoring, immunizations, family planing, VCT (HIV), public forums and pharmaceutical. We also […]

The Next Two Days

We are getting ready for a two day medical camp that will start tomorrow. The camp will be run from KCC school from 10am to 4pm each day. The services will be free and there will be a pharmacy for medications. We will be focusing […]

Fire Response

Today we cooked uji (porridge) for 347 children with mixed liquid multivitamins right down in the community. It was: School. Outside. All day. With 150 more children. It was a combined effort with MYAA, volunteers, school staff and local mothers all helping help record, prepare, […]

Fire in KCC slums: 23 January 2012

 On Januaray 23, 2012 KCC slums fell victim to a fire that has destroyed a significant block of KCC slum settlement, leaving thousands homeless. We estimate that it is close to 85% of homes that have been destroyed within the main section. There have been […]

January Medical Camp

KCC Medical Camp 27-28th January 2012 10am-4pm at KCC School Registration 20ksh Children to accompany their parents or guardians All welcome

Walking to Primary School

Its a new year and we have much to look forward to this year. We have plans. We have energy. We have determination. But for this week we would like to say this: “56 children are now walking to primary school.” Their life has changed […]