Vehicle Fund

Goal: $13,000  Raised: $1996.07


KCC needs a vehicle. It will allow us to:

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Provide daily transport to the school for volunteers and staff


Deliver necessary bulk food purchases to the school


Increase our mobility and visibility in the local area


One of the major challenges KCC has on a daily basis is safe and reliable transport. Since our start we have relied on the insecurity and unreliability of contracting small Suzuiki van drivers to provide transport services.

To date, funds have been directed into the costs of programming, operations, development, and construction projects. However, in order to move forward with the larger KCC goals it is now imperative that we purchase a vehicle.

Acquiring a vehicle will reduce the long term operational costs as well as increase the overall efficiency of our work. A vehicle will benefit KCC for years to come. You can make a donation below or share this campaign with people who you think could get involved.