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Your questions, inquiries, feedback and suggestions are important to us and always welcome. For general inquiries, please send us a message by filling out the form below and we will get back to you within 48 hours (UTC +3 East African Standard Time).


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KCC Office Hours & Address

Our office hours are Monday to Friday 8.00am to 4pm UTC +3 East African Standard Time.

Office Address
Lancaster Plaza
Level 2, Office C17 & C18
Naivasha, Kenya

Shipping Containers, Postal Services & Couriers 

For every donated parcel, carton or container  we receive through the post, courier services or ports, we are charged duty tax from the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), Kenya Post Office fees and or clearing and forwarding fees. For smaller items these costs often start from US$30 upwards and higher value items the costs can start at  US$1000.

This is on anything such as clothes, books, toys, computers, and sports gear to name just a few. Despite being a charity we are still charged these fees every time. Each parcel is manually checked by the relevant authority governing inwards goods who then the fees payable are invoiced.

A better approach is to support the local economy here in Kenya with the fundraising you do back home, by buying from wholesalers, retailers, markets and tradesmen here in Kenya.

We therefore ask that before you send anything you make contact with us. It is our preference that you do not send donations but rather send the money used on these costs as a cash donation. This is far beneficial to us and will do a lot more than donated goods.