Medical Camps

185684_10150130952353769_2460927_nCommunity Medical Outreach

One of the biggest challenges for people living in informal settlements is access to quality public health care. Transport issues and long work hours for small pay are just some of the issues facing the poor living in rural informal settlements.

In 2011 KCC launched a new project to address public health. By partnering with the mission hospitals, Kenya Ministry of Health & Sanitation, National AIDS Control Council and Kenya Red Cross and other partners we have been able to provide vital health services for the KCC community through medical camps.

Each camp supports on average around 350 patients, delivering a host of services. The camps only run when funds have been given specifically for this purpose. To date each camp has been sponsored by international volunteers and well-wishers.

Each camp varies but the services we have provided have been:

  • Family planning
  • Growth and monitoring
  • Immunization
  • Minor treatments
  • Dental
  • Cancer screening
  • Public health forums and education
  • VCT (Volunteer Counselling & Testing) – HIV testing and counselling

Sponsor a Medical Camp

If you are interested in supporting KCC by sponsoring a camp, please get in touch.