Chocolate and Coffee

Jenna Menzies has been one of our long-time friends and fundraisers who helped establish KCC back in 2009. Since 2011 through her cafe, Chocolateria San Churro, in Perth, Australia, she and her family have raised donation’s by having a collection jar on their cafe counter […]

Baking Sweet Treat’s to Fundraise

Imagine: Coconut Ice, Tarts, Caramel Fudge, Lemon Coconut Slice, Lemonade, and much more, all being sold to raise funds for KCC! Young sisters Jessica and Emma Humpherys and their school friends Lucia, Chloe, and Hannah, chose KCC as their charity to support this year and […]

Kenyan Business Support

We would like to sincerely thank The Pot, in Naivasha  owner, Heike Hollwitz, and the management and staff at her restaurant and bar, for the incredible support they have given KCC over the last two months. They have done this by promoting and selling our jewellery […]

Volunteer Programme Lifts Off

In August we hosted our first KCC Volunteer Programme volunteers! Hilary Butler and Greg Miller come from Australia, and spent one week on childcare and teaching placements. In their own words: “we had a fantastic time…and it exceeded our expectations.” After their placement was finished […]

KCC Wins Best Charity Stand

This weekend KCC Programme had a stand at the 2015 Naivasha Horticultural Fair, and we won Best Charity Stand! We would like to sincerely thank, Lillian Kangethe (Floral Art, Nairobi), who volunteered and donated her time and resources to help KCC take this years’ stand […]

Rain Water Harvesting Project

Sustainable water supply has been a challenge for KCC for a long time. The goal behind this project was to harvest rain water in the long rainy seasons from corrugated iron roofs at the school, into 160 feet of guttering that stretches all the way […]

From KCC Slum Project To KCC Programme

What’s in a name? A lot is in a name which is one of the main reasons we spent eight months this year in the process of officially changing our name at the authorities from: Kitendo Children’s Charity Slum Project to: Kitendo Children’s Charity Programme. […]

Life in Full Cycle

In June one of the youths we trained in peer education back in 2011, Harrison Wanjohi, came back to visit the school to see how far KCC has come. Not only did he spend some of his time volunteering but in July just before he […]

Kenyan Family Volunteering

In June we had the privilege of hosting Lilian Kangethe and her daughters, Joy and Gloria, who all volunteered with us for over a week. This year Lilian has been a great supporter of KCC and through her business: Floral Art, in Nairobi, she has […]

The Transport Challenge

Budget to raise $15000. Meeting the needs to run KCC has many challenges. One of the major challenges we have on a continual basis, is transport. Without our own vehicle all the transport KCC uses is either public, or private contracts to transport operators from […]