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Volunteering and giving back through service, if done with the right motivation can be a life enriching experience that can stay with you for the rest of your life. Volunteer with us in Kenya and you could walk away with an experience that is as equally beneficial to you as it is for the community that you are helping.




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Fast Facts

What: KCC Volunteer Programme: A short term volunteer package based on real needs of KCC.
Where: It all takes place in Naivasha, Kenya.
When: From January to November each year and there two intakes per month on the 5th and 20th.
Time: One to eight weeks – You choose the length of your placement.
Placements: Childcare, teaching, and office support.
Cost: Registration fee is US$200 and programme fees start from US$255

When you volunteer with KCC, the overriding goal is to provide a boost to KCC by serving specific needs.We look at your skill set and experience when you apply to ensure that your time is well invested; and that this experience is as rich for you as it is for KCC.


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What We Offer


Our fees are competitive and we provide excellent value for money without compromising on safety, quality or service.


From the word GO, you will have direct contact with KCC in Kenya and we aim to ensure all your questions are answered within 48 hours.


Our placements are selected on the actual needs of KCC matched with your skill set and abilities.


We make sure you are aware of the risks and your safety concerns answered at a full orientation on arrival.


We place financial integrity at the centre of all we do. All money you pay for your placement is broken down clearly.


As soon as you are accepted onto our programme one of our team members will be assigned to you.


Volunteer Placements


Come and join our weekday pre-school for the full experience of helping some of Kenya’s most vulnerable children, aged 3-7 years. Along side our school cook and teachers you will experience the highs and lows of pre-school life and should walk away with some great memories. Our children’s programme incorporates education, health, nutrition and life skills. Your placement will be varied based around these key areas. The main work is in the kitchen, garden, classroom and outdoor activities. You will help prepare meals, clean, perform general health checks, assist teachers, organise activities and other tasks which are all focused on the holistic development of children.


Teach children aged 3-7 years in our pre-school for two days a week, and in a government primary school, aged 7-16 years three days a week.  These are obviously two different levels of education being basic up to teaching in upper primary. You will teach along-side teachers on specific subjects and themes within the prepared lesson plans and schemes of work. As well as teaching, your tasks could be marking books, preparing for specific classes and activities, preparing teaching materials, organising   activities for the children such as sports, games, music and creative activities. To prepare for this we advise looking into a TEFL course that can be done online. The language at pre-school age is predominantly Swahili so if you really want to gain the most out your placement we highly recommend learning some basics of Swahili. Teachers are fluent in English as is our management team.

Office Support

We are growing as an organisation and so, our workload is also growing! This placement is one we value highly as the skills and capabilities you can offer, can be a significant boost for our operations end. Your contribution we are looking for can be any or a combination of organisational, analytical, creative, or technical experience. We value this kind of support as it saves us resources and moves us forward faster.  As a young NGO we have a lot of needs but below are the areas that stand out as priorities:

  • Grant and proposal writing
  • Fundraising
  • Content and copy across communications
  • Graphic and web design
  • Event and campaign management
  • Photography
  • Office support including data entry

Placement Dates & Length

Each month there are two start dates you can choose from: 5th or the 20th. The maximum number of people we can accommodate at any one time is six but if the dates you select are not available, we will offer you some alternatives. You can choose between one to eight weeks for your placement length. Applications should be made no less than two months before your flight departure.

Child Protection Policy

The rights of every child is a core reason as to why KCC exists. It is therefore imperative that each person coming to volunteer reads and understands our Child Protection Policy clearly and thoroughly.



Registration Fee

US $200 (non-refundable). This fee secures your placement and is only paid after you have received our acceptance email.

Programme Fees

Duration Rego Fee Prog Fee Total
1 Week $200 $255 $455
2 Weeks $200 $305 $505
3 Weeks $200 $355 $555
4 Weeks $200 $380 $580
5 Weeks $200 $405 $605
6 Weeks $200 $430 $630
7 Weeks $200 $455 $655
8 Weeks $200 $480 $680


Registration and Programme fees are stated in USD and are paid through this website to secure your placement. Accommodation Fees are paid separately as detailed below.

Accommodation Fees

The Programme Fee doesn’t include home stay accommodation and meals; breakfast’s and dinner’s. This is paid in local currency cash (Kenya Shillings) at Orientation at a rate of Ksh 1000 per night of your full time in Kenya. See here to calculate the rate into your currency.

Volunteers are under the care of the KCC Programme will stay with the approved host family while in Kenya.

What the Programme Fee Includes

  • Airport pick up and transport from Nairobi to Naivasha and back.
  • Orientation and project transport.
  • 24-7 support.
  • If arriving after 6pm on arrival, home stay accommodation, breakfast and dinner in Nairobi.
  • Project donation PLUS 20% of your fees, are put towards the school construction project.

What the Programme Fee Doesn’t Include

  • Accommodation and meals – please see “Accommodation Fees” above.
  • Flights, visa, travel insurance.
  • Extra transport to the airport if your bags are missing.
  • Any extra nights in Nairobi outside of the home stay.
  • Criminal background check.
  • Vaccinations, anti-malarials.
  • Safaris, excursions, souvenirs.
  • Spending money, personal items.

We recommend a personal budget of $35 per week to cover costs such as phone and internet, bottled water, snacks, public transport, lunches, drinks and entertainment.

Why Pay to Volunteer?

When you travel to a foreign country to volunteer there are obvious costs involved in the process. Our fees are clearly stated above and coming through KCC has immediate benefits to you, as we can give you the assurances and confidence that everything from the KCC end, will be done to ensure you have a safe, secure and enjoyable time in Kenya.

Why KCC Needs Volunteers

Since 2009 we have hosted over 240 volunteers from all corners of the world. Volunteers contribute significantly to the daily running of our projects and have enabled KCC to grow in the way it has. Our next major phase is to build and establish KCC Primary School. When you volunteer with KCC 20% of programme fees will be allocated to this school construction project. With your contribution to  the building fund  the school can become a reality  in a few  short  years. Something that you can be proud of and potentially come back to visit in the years to come. As well as funds, volunteers are essential to our ongoing progress and momentum in terms of skills and services they provide. Because of these services we are able to grow in ways we wouldn’t be able to if we were paying for every service required.

Check list

How To Apply

1) Apply online today by clicking on the blue button below. With your application you will need to scan and upload the following support documents:

  • Passport photo ID page.
  • Your current CV / Resume (not less than six months).

2) Your application will be reviewed and if it’s successful we will send you an welcome email containing the following:

  • Placement Form to fill in (based on your selection).
  • Personal Reference Form for two referees.
  • Supporting documents required.
  • A “what next” check list.

Once you have sent through the forms and supporting documents they will be reviewed and if approved, an acceptance email will then be sent that will include the payment information and a link to the KCC Volunteer and Fundraising Guidebook. This is a 33 page PDF with everything you will need to know and prepare for.

3) Once accepted, there are two sets of fees you will need to pay to finalise and secure your placement:

  • Registration fee US $200 which will need to be paid in full within 5 days of the acceptance email.
  • Programme Fees will then need to be paid no latter than 30 days prior to your flight departure.