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Shaan Selby, New Zealand

My experience at KCC was, (at the risk of sounding cliche!), a truly eye-opening and a super humbling time in my life. Frnom the host family, to the kids and teachers at school, and the community in the slum…everyone had such a beautiful spirit and were such a pleasure to connect with on a daily basis. I was so honoured to be surrounded by such strong women and men. It really made me reassess my core values, and is something that I have taken with me to this day.

Something I took away from KCC was just getting back to the basics of life. Going into the slum and getting goats milk from a local women, and going out to the field to pick vegetables for the kids lunches…only having things in season available to you…it was such a change to the way I was used to shopping and eating. But I loved that, and has changed the way I view the produce in the supermarket and my own consumerist attitude. But more so than that, was the astounding resilience of the people I was surrounded by daily, which was so confrontingly inspiring. I have taken much more from this experience than I could have imagined, it is the most incredible place!

Loki Grant, New Zealand

Volunteering with KCC was one of the most pivotal experiences in my life. My time there helped me to understand what is important in life, this helped me to redirect my career and life back home down a path better suited to me. While volunteering with KCC I met the most amazing, inspirational people and had the most life changing experiences. I think it is great that you have the opportunity to sponsor the children there whom you have met. I love hearing how my sponsor child Dominic is progressing.

Spencer Gale, USA

Volunteering with KCC allowed me the opportunity to experience the work of a true grassroots nongovernmental organization situated in an emerging economy. The first time I volunteered with KCC it really solidified in my mind the work I wanted to pursue. Having studied International Development at the university level, I realize that KCC is unique. At its core, KCC does an incredible job at keeping its mission in mind. What I mean by that, is they are more than happy to welcome guests, new ideas, new partners, and new opportunities, but never at the expense of the community they call home: KCC. There is a level of integrity and dignity that KCC upholds that makes their work truly special. I had the pleasure of returning to KCC as a volunteer several years after my first visit. My experience the second time was different. Things change. For me, this meant that I not only returned to an organization I admired, but I also returned to people I love and consider family. While this made the work difficult at times when things were not going as planned (spoiler…hippos complicate things!), it also made my experience richer. I have never been part of a team or organization that is so dedicated to their work, so for me, I was able to learn how teamwork functions in a small ngo when everyone fully believes in the work they are doing. Inspired seems too cliché of a word, but I am at a loss. In our modern day world, KCC inspired me to continue to pursue humanitarianism despite the overwhelming challenges it presents.

One of my favorite memories of KCC is morning parade. Every morning before classes start the students line up by class level outside the classrooms and one of their teachers leads the school in a series of songs. The kids are always up early and ready to go, racing to get in line, and smiling with excitement. Many KCC students run from their homes to school in the morning. As a non-coffee drinker I always LOVED the infectious excitement and energy in the air during parade time. Seeing kids so excited to be at school and so happy to learn is really cool, it also puts into perspective how taken for granted education is in many parts of the world. Seeing students excited about education is the best way to start a day!

Simon Orient, UK

I found everyone involved with KCC very welcoming. The work was varied, I was picking kale for lunch, teaching the alphabet to baby class, trying to draw wild animals with top class and organising outdoor games. The staff at KCC get you fully involved, I came away feeling like I had been useful and made an impact in the short time I was there. I have so many amazing memories from my three weeks in Naivasha working at KCC. One that always comes to mind visiting where the children lived. I arrived with Marcus and another volunteer, the children from the school instantly came running out. I ended up having six or seven children all trying to show me there houses. They literally have nothing, it’s the first time I have experienced that level of poverty. The children were so proud to show me around and so happy to have me take an interest in their lives, it really put into perspective the positive impact the KCC project has on the area. Without KCC these children would never have a chance at any form of education.

Myriam Fillion, Canada

I appreciated every moment volunteering with KCC. I haven’t met just new colleagues while I was there, but I met a whole community where I felt one of them. I think about Kenya almost everyday now, even after 3 years. I have so many memories. I remember many laughs with the cook of the school in the kitchen, we had so much fun cooking for the kids. Also, I have good memories with the host family. I felt safe with them and you could speak about any subject with the host mum, Catherine, She is very open minded and its very interesting having conversations with her. I learnt a lot about the country and the community listening her. KCC will always be in my heart.

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