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KCC Financials

We are committed to building a charity that is transparent, effective and innovative. Financial decisions are based upon carrying out our mission with attention to detail as well as effectiveness, sustainability and cost efficiency.

How Budgets Are Set

Budgets are set on an annual cycle along side work-plans which are approved by the KCC Board. The budget allows for programming, projects, operations, construction, economic fluctuations, capacity building and sustainability.

Administration Costs

KCC is committed to ensuring that funds raised are spent for the maximum impact in our programmes.  Out of every US$1 – 7 cents is allocated to administration costs and 10 cents to fundraising.


KCC is a now a registered non-governmental organisation (NGO) in Nairobi, Kenya. Prior to this, from 2009-2011 the organisation was registered as a Self-Help Group.

Independent External Audit Reports

KCC’s books of accounts are externally audited through a certified auditing firm in Kenya. Audit reports and annual returns are submitted to the NGO Co-Ordination Board in Nairobi, Kenya.