womens-empowermentWomen Leading The Way Out of Poverty

The KCC Women’s Empowerment group was launched in 2010 as an initiative to fight poverty at the grassroots level. It was formed by women for women, and is led by women.

The women involved all know first-hand the challenges of raising a family in this environment. As well as providing support, the group helps provide income-generating opportunities, such as jewellery making.



The Three Main Objectives 

INCOME GENERATION By empowering women with business and jewellery making skills.

SCHOOL SUPPORT By donating 15% of each sale to the school feeding programme.

SUSTAINABILITY By investing in opportunities that increase the sustainability of the group and the individuals within it.

Income Generation

Each piece of jewellery is hand crafted by a woman from the group, who supplies her own materials and benefits directly from her work. Every sale takes place in a fair and open environment. Proceeds from sales are divided as following:

womens-beads65% Goes directly to the woman who has made the piece of jewellery.

20% To a savings account for sustainability projects.

15% Donation to the KCC Pre-School feeding programme.





KCC aims to increase the sustainability of its projects and to increase economic growth. The Women’s Empowerment group currently saves twenty percent of each jewellery sale that goes back into this aim. The first project is to buy goats to raise and sell. Then once enough capital has been raised, the group plans to buy land to start agricultural projects. This will further strengthen the community and enable the group to reach out to other women.

Retailers & Fundraisers

We offer a discount for orders above 50 pieces and can ship worldwide. Payment is required upfront. Each product is custom made and the turnaround will vary depending on the size of the order. For more info, or to obtain an order form or price list, please get in touch.

Paper Bead Jewellery Production

KCC paper bead jewellery is made from recycled magazines and posters. The paper beads are created by rolling and gluing long strips of thinly cut paper. Once the beads are made, they are varnished and put aside to dry for one week.

Each piece of KCC paper bead jewellery is one-of-a-kind and has an overall dominating colour.

Women Making the bead

The Finished Paper Bead Jewellery 

jewel 1IMG_2090jewel 2 


Meet the women



Susan is a mum and was raised in KCC informal settlement. As well as being a full-time mum, she and her husband take care of their elderly parents. She would like to make a small business out of beading.



Pamela was raised in KCC informal settlement and is a mother of two. She is eager to give her two children a better life. She dreams of an education and learning to use a computer and hopes to become a secretary one day.



Judy has lived and raised her seven kids in the KCC informal settlement for 12 years. Although she has recently found a home outside of the community, she comes back daily to help her family and friends build a better life for themselves.


Women Empowerment-Catherine

Catherine is a mother of three who founded and leads the Women’s Empowerment group. She is living her dream: assisting women to develop new skills, developing income-generating opportunities, and offering a support network.