Getting involved with KCC through fundraising can be a really rewarding experience that can be done in so many different ways. Since we began, people from across the world have raised money for KCC that has supported our projects, growth and operations.

People have climbed mountains, sold home-made chocolates, run marathons, cooked pancakes, run silent auctions, and so much more. This is a one stop page to help you get started in your fundraising for KCC. If you have any questions, or stuck for where to start, please get in touch.

Getting Started



Set an amount or a specific item as listed on our priority list below.

The ideas that work are usually the ones that come naturally to you.

Get it down on paper. Target, needs, costs, people, date, location.

Do a budget and ensure your costs are as low as possible.

Get the people around you involved and fully utilize technology.


Types of Initiatives & Events


Easy & Small
The Big Event

Run a simple initiative right where you live and see how much you can raise.

Go all out and organise the fundraising event of the year.

myKCC Campaigns
Talk & Present

Set up a fundraising page on our website and then share it around your social media.

Speak on behalf of KCC and raise funds through story and advocacy.









Top Tips From Our Fundraisers

  • Have fun and be enthusiastic about what you are doing.
  • Keep your overheads low by pulling favours.
  • Get your family and friends involved as they can add ideas to what you are doing.
  • Stay organised!
  • Pick a date well in advance.
  • When choosing a date take into account the time of year and other factors that may make dates a risk in low attendance.
  • Remember to keep checking in with people.
  • Make an eye catching and clear event poster or invitation.
  • Utilize all your social media like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and twitter.
  • Send personal emails to your contacts about the event saying why it is important to you.
  • Be proactive in seeking as much help as possible from people.
  • Remember no matter the amount you raise, whether its; $500 or $5000, it really does make a difference!
  • Be one of the first to give. People will give when they see you giving.
  • Use the resources you have at hand such as technology, contacts and your own creativity.
  • Play to your strengths.


Event Check List

Once you have that great idea for, read our check list for some more pointers.





The Great Outdoors

Fitness is an ideal way to raise money. You set the course and then ask people to sponsor you. This can also tie into social media and blogs really well too where the people who are sponsoring you can track your progress.


Cycling & Swimming – Set a course and then ask people to sponsor you for the distance.

Running & Marathons – Sign up to marathon where you live and raise money for KCC.

Hikes – Climbing a mountain or a national park can be an ideal way to get fit and talk to other climbers along the way about KCC.

Walkathons – Organise a walkathon in your community involving local businesses to sponsor the day.

Athletics Day – Talk to your school about running an athletics day where people pay a gold coin to enter and then organise a full day of events. To raise even more money you could look at selling water, food and drinks.

The Pantry

Food wins the hearts of most and you can use this to your complete advantage when fundraising for KCC! Try your best to get discounts and sponsorship from local businesses and set up in busy foot traffic areas.


Sausage Sizzle  – Believe it or not these fundraisers still raise a lot of money in one day. They work best where there is a lot of foot traffic so try places like: major hardware stores, supermarkets, garden centres, beaches, and town squares.

Selling Chocolate  – Cadbury and other chocolate companies offer ways to buy bars at discount, and then you sell on their products for fundraising.

Bake Sale – Old school but still really effective. Use your baking skills or someone you know, and then set up outside a local hospital, school, supermarket or faith community.

Espresso Bar – Talk to the management of your local café to see if you can place a small donation collection jar on their counter.

BBQ – Set up in a local park or your backyard and cook up some good steaks and burgers with drinks for a small fee.  

Social & Interactive

Raising funds with other people can be a lot of fun. This is when you can really have a lot of people pitching in to make it a success and generally the ideas lusted here are very simple to organise.


Galas & Christmas Markets – Find out when and where your local events are held and book a stall. You could sell home baking, crafts, snacks, and at a Christmas market you could offer gift wrapping for a small fee.

Quiz Evening – Arrange a quiz night and sell tickets to raise donations. Use spot prizes for added excitement and sell drinks and food .

Car Wash – The good old car wash on the side of a busy main street in town can have surprising results.

Kenya Night – Hold a KCC awareness night while cooking traditional Kenyan food and celebrating Kenyan culture. Ask people for an entry donation for the evening and provide other opportunities for donations. This could involve a small talk or presentation half way through the night.

Casual Days – Talk to your school or work place where people can bring a gold coin donation in exchange for a casual or themed day.

The Big Event

These events are what really bring in the fundraising dollars. With good planning, marketing and plenty of time, you really can see good results. With these events also, we can promote your efforts through KCC social media.


Music or Comedy Gig – A live show with local bands or comedians at a location that has been given free of charge for the evening is a great way to showcase local talent and guarantee people a great time. Risks include not promoting the event enough to get a big crowd out so plan and market it well.

Fishing Competition – Set up a day where people can come to good fishing spot to fish for a fee. You could then auction off the biggest catch of the day and sell food and drinks. Local media could also be invited to cover the story brining in extra donations.

Silent Auction – These events are great because you can involve local and new businesses and they can use it as free advertising. Your friends can donate based on their skills sets (guitar lessons, sailing trips), and you don’t have to spend any money that could risk making your event a loss instead of profit.

Pubs, Bars, Clubs & Restaurants – Go and talk to any of these establishments in your area to see if they would be willing to donate a small sum or percentage for each drink or meal they sell to KCC. This could be done on a selected evening or daytime specific date or a course of a week. There could be an area in the establishment where a small display could be set up so people can learn more about KCC and the fundraiser.

Wine or Cocktail Evening – Celebrate in style with a wine or cocktail evening. Sell tickets and half way through give a five minute talk or presentation on KCC asking people to dig deep.

Summer Beach Family Fun – Organise a beach day where you sell tickets for a fun day. Set up activities such as beach volleyball, touch rugby, a bouncy castle, water sports and entertainment as well as water, food and drinks for sale.

Pop Up Café – Run a pop up café in your neighbourhood with Kenyan coffee and food that has a KCC or Kenyan theme to it. This could be a fun and creative way to present KCC.


Need Some motivation?

Meet some of our fundraisers

Claire Bliss

From: Crewe, UK

Claire was one of our first volunteers who volunteered in October 2009. Since this time she has been a consistent supporter of KCC. She sponsors two children, funded a school medical day, helped build the women’s group room, organised a home-made chocolate fundraising event and is one of our most extreme fundraisers to date, jumping 10,000 feet out of plane all in the name of KCC!


What was one of your first events? People sponsored me to Skydive.
How much did you plan to raise and how much came in? As much as possible. I was jumping out of a plane 10,000ft up! But realistically around the £400-500 range for the skydive. I raised just under £300.
What did you learn from your fundraising initiative? Fundraising can be very fun, and being surrounded by enthusiastic people can inspire you to do things you wouldn’t normally.
Best memory? Flying, literally free falling from a plane. It was an amazing experience and one I wouldn’t have had if it wasn’t for the KCC.


April & Dan 0301



April and Dan Wightman

From: Bailtmore, USA
April and Dan decided to forgo wedding traditions and donate funds to KCC on behalf of all their guests. A sign that read “donations were made on behalf of all of our guests to KCC” stood next to their guestbook at their reception, sharing the love and importance of KCC with all their friends and family. Through April and Dan’s generosity and fundraising creativity, their wedding “gifts” helped support the feeding programme with 90kg sacks of food.



Looking For Some More Inspiration?

Read some short stories from our fundraisers. People who have given their time, energy and resources to fund raise for KCC in all kinds of ways.