What We Do For Children

Little KCC Boy

KCC’s heart is children. Our belief has always been that through empowering children, we can change a whole society.

Children have small voices. Poverty is often a survival-of-the-fittest environment and the voices of children are often drowned out. We wish to empower children to speak up for themselves and for their friends, family and community.

Through our programmes we have saved lives, got children fast-tracked into schooling, restored health to the malnourished and supported parents and guardians. For each child we work with, we hope for a happy and healthy future, and we work wholeheartedly to support their development.


The Impact

morrisMorris Emiruka, 6 years

“The children who don’t go to school in KCC end up selling scraps of metal and charcoal for money. Before coming to KCC school life was a lot harder for me, but now when I come to school I have big expectations for my future. I really want to learn lots and become a pilot.”



Our Three Focus Areas For Children

Child Sponsorship 2

Food & Nutrition

Nutritious food to grow strong and healthy.

Child Sponsorship 3


Access to quality and holistic education.

Child Sponsorship 4


Doctor visits and medicine when sick.

Food & Nutrition

Food & Nutrition SCHOOL MEALS

The food programme is one of our key projects. It has helped vulnerable children in their health, growth, weights, nutrition and well-being. The food programme operates from our ECD school and is carried out by our school cook and volunteers. Meals are cooked with a combination of ingredients including beans, maize, cereals, rice and locally grown vegetables.




Children in Kenya love going to school! KCC runs an Early Childhood Development (ECD) School for children aged 3-7. This programme is a gateway for children to enter the education system. Once a child has moved through the ECD School they are then enrolled into a public primary school, where they will spend the next eight years. With the support of child sponsors KCC supports children through their primary school education.


Health & Sanitation


Health and sanitation is a major issue for children living in poverty. Health issues include
malaria, diarrhoea and stomach infections, worms and fungal infections, skin diseases, pneumonia, colds and flus, and occasional outbreaks of cholera and chicken pox. We teach children the basics of health and sanitation, significantly reducing the risk of illness and empowering them with life skills.



Our Focus Areas For Child Health


DAILY MULTIVITAMINS Each weekday morning all KCC children receive a spoonful of multivitamins containing vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C and D, as well as Nicotinamide and Ca Pantothenate. These vitamins help the children grow strong and healthy.


ringwormDE-WORMING Every three months KCC gives each child a small de-worming tablet to combat threadworm, round worm, hook worm and whip worm. When necessary, we apply a formulated cream to treat ringworm on the heads of children, which both resolves the fungal infection and stop it from spreading.


healthDOCTOR VISITS KCC partners with a local private clinic and has a cost-sharing system with parents and guardians of children enrolled at the school. Each parent or guardian reports to the school when their child is sick. They then transport their child to the clinic and KCC sponsors the consultation and medicine costs.