About Us

We are Kitendo Children’s Charity 

Kitendo Children’s Charity Programme is a non-governmental organisation based in Naivasha, Kenya working with children and families living in poverty. This is a short brief on what we are all about. For further information please get in touch.

Our Vision

An empowered, independent and resourceful society.

Our Mission

To instill the highest values for independence and self-reliance for comfortable and decent living.

We exist to instill values that lift people up through empowerment and knowledge that leads to a more fulfilling life. Moving people from dependence to independence from reliance to self-reliance leading to a life beyond poverty.

Who We Are

We’re a grassroots non-governmental organisation based in Kenya. We empower and educate people living in poverty. Our management and leadership team is based in Kenya and our governing Board are all Kenyan’s.

Our Work

Our key focus is school aged children living in informal settlements. The programme for children incorporates; food and nutrition, education, health, and phycosocial. Other projects are HIV/AIDS Education, Schools Health Education, and School Construction, Medical Camps and Women’s Empowerment.

Our People

Our team is a group of dedicated people from all walks of life. Each giving their time, energy and skills towards the KCC mission. Our full time team all volunteer and receive a living allowance for the work they do. Our volunteer culture ensures that the organisation grows sustainable. Read more on meet our people.

Where We Work

We are located in Naivasha, Kenya and our field is in the Naivasha district informal settlements. We focus our energy there as we see these environments with the greatest need’s in our community. 

KCC or Kitendo Children’s Charity

KCC originates from our when we first formed in 2009. The informal settlement we began in is locally known as KCC and so we adopted these letters and registered as Kitendo Children’s Charity Programme. To keep things simple we go by KCC or Kitendo Children’s Charity.

Our First Name: KCC Slum Project

In 2015 we officially changed our name at the authorities from: KCC Slum Project to: Kitendo Children’s Charity Programme. The reasons behind this change are based on where we are now compared to six years ago and the definitions of the words.

The first word being “slum”. This is a word that carries a number of negative connotations for people living in these communities. It also tells a limiting narrative and one that pushes down rather than lifting up. The phrasing we now use to identify these communities is informal settlements. The second word is “project”. This is a singular word and KCC has grown since 2009! The change of word to programme incorporates many different projects into one programme.

The Meaning of Kitendo

Kitendo is a Kiswahili word that translates in english as; small good acts or deeds. Kitendo is in the essence of KCC. Right from the beginning we have strived to do what we can for the greater impact of changed lives. We can’t do everything but we can do something. It starts with Kitendo.


KCC is a registered non governmental organisation (NGO) Certificate number OP.218/051/11-0552/7408. We operate under section 10 of the NGOs Co-ordination Act, 1990.

Independent Account Audits

KCC is committed to building one of the most transparent organisations in Kenya. Funding fuels our programs, operations and growth. All of our audits are available on financials.