Child Sponsorship

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Become a child sponsor and be part of helping every child in our programme thrive.


Child Sponsors give to support all the children within our programme and not an individual child. We believe that this type of sponsorship has a healthier impact on each child’s growth and development: body, soul, and mind.


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How It Works

For US $10 monthly, $60 half-yearly, or $120 annually, you can contribute towards the needs of KCC children in our programme with:


Child Sponsorship 2

Food & Nutrition

Nutritious food to grow strong and healthy

Child Sponsorship 3


Access to quality and holistic education

Child Sponsorship 4


Doctor visits and medicine when sick




The Difference It Makes

Giving makes a tangible difference in our ability to support vulnerable children. KCC Programme highly values the contribution sponsors make and with your partnership, a lot more can be achieved.

Every new year, the number of children under our care grows by an average of 25 new children. To meet this growing demand for our services child sponsors play a critical role in the future delivery of services.

Your support will benefit an entire school and will enable KCC Programme to make even greater impact.


Merroni’s Story

When KCC first met Merroni, he was 12 and wasn’t in good shape. In March 2009 he was involved in a serious roadside accident. He was knocked over by an oncoming van, badly breaking his right leg. Infection spread and amputation became the only means to save his life.

Through KCC Merroni received a prosthesis and ongoing physiotherapy. His schooling soon resumed and he is now the top-performing student in our programme. Without the support of KCC Programme and numerous generous individuals Merroni’s life would have been very different.

Merroni has given KCC permission to tell his story with photos that show the effect of the accident, the amputation and his rehabilitation.




What Sponsorship Is

A child sponsor is someone who supports the children within KCC Programme.

With the support of a sponsor, children can attain an education and their developmental needs can be met holistically. A child sponsor partners with KCC Programme and the community through cost sharing. 

What Sponsorship Isn’t

Child sponsorship isn’t individual sponsorship of a specific child.

Sponsorship isn’t the replacement of a parent or guardian’s responsibilities. It’s not a full dependence on another nor does it cover the entire needs of a child. It’s specific in objective and is time bound.


Parents & Guardians

Parents and guardians are fully involved in our programme. This includes attending parent meetings, contributing to the feeding programmes’ firewood costs and supplying their child’s school uniform. These values are a part of our school culture and have been developed over time with the community.

The involvement of parents tackles poverty at the roots by generating community responsibility and fostering dignity through cost sharing. This empowers parents to educate their child and raise them holistically.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the support actually cover? Feeding, education, school fees, and health care costs of the programme.

Will I receive a receipt? Yes. If you give through PayPal and don’t receive a receipt, please get in touch. All donations through our UK account receive monthly receipts.

Will the amounts change? No. The amounts we ask for will remain at the current rates: (USD) Monthly $10, six-monthly $60 and annual $120.

Will I get any updates on the children? Through our newsletter we will bring more stories and progress on the children in a centralised way. At the end of the year we will post you a little card from one of our children.

Can I request for a profile of a group of children or a class? No. As no individual child or group of children will be sponsored. The sponsorship is inclusive of every child.

Can I write to the school and the children as a whole? Yes! Our team really appreciate encouragement and we keep all letters and cards that are sent.

Can I send parcels to the school and the children as a whole? No. Parcels received from overseas always attract hefty tax and duty fees and more often than not this places a heavy burden on our budget.

Can I come and visit the children at the programme? Yes! We really value our visitors and you are more than welcome to come and visit. Please note that the entire cost for the visit is upon you to meet.

Sign Me Up!

To become a KCC Child Sponsor all you need to do is either set up a reoccurring donation by following the instructions, or if you live in the UK, you can set up a standing order with our bank using the details below.

Once you have set up your payment schedule, send us a short email so that we can update our records.  



Making Payments

How to set up a recurring donation through PayPal:

1. Scroll down and complete the donation form below.
2. Click on Donate and proceed to login into your PayPal account by clicking Login from the opening PayPal page. If you don’t have a PayPal account you will need to set one up.
3. Once logged in you will see all the payment details with frequency and your address details. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and once you have read the agreement click Agree and Pay

Standing Orders for UK Residents: 

UK residents can set up a direct debit between their bank and our UK Barclays account. For these details please click here.