Rain Water Harvesting Project

Sustainable water supply has been a challenge for KCC for a long time. The goal behind this project was to harvest rain water in the long rainy seasons from corrugated iron roofs at the school, into 160 feet of guttering that stretches all the way […]

Fire Response

Today we cooked uji (porridge) for 347 children with mixed liquid multivitamins right down in the community. It was: School. Outside. All day. With 150 more children. It was a combined effort with MYAA, volunteers, school staff and local mothers all helping help record, prepare, […]

Fire in KCC slums: 23 January 2012

¬†On Januaray 23, 2012 KCC slums fell victim to a fire that has destroyed a significant block of KCC slum settlement, leaving thousands homeless. We estimate that it is close to 85% of homes that have been destroyed within the main section. There have been […]