Rain Water Harvesting Project


Sustainable water supply has been a challenge for KCC for a long time. The goal behind this project was to harvest rain water in the long rainy seasons from corrugated iron roofs at the school, into 160 feet of guttering that stretches all the way around the classrooms, kitchen, dinning, grading shed, and store rooms, which then feeds into two 5000 litre (1321 gallons US)  water storage tanks.

In the dry seasons this water will be used responsibly and then replenished once the long rains start. The 1000 litre (264 gallons US) tank that was donated in September 2009, has been set up to collect water to be used in the small kitchen garden.

In early August some short rains came and so we were able to see the results from the project. We are pleased to report that we are now using fresh clean water for the school.

This project was funded by the fundraising efforts of Gerald and Claire Dalton and Julie Jones in Geelong, Australia.

Thank you to everyone who donated towards Gerald and Claire Dalton and Julie Jones fundraising campaign.You have helped KCC invest in water sustainability.