Chocolate and Coffee

Jenna Menzies has been one of our long-time friends and fundraisers who helped establish KCC back in 2009.

Since 2011 through her cafe, Chocolateria San Churro, in Perth, Australia, she and her family have raised donation’s by having a collection jar on their cafe counter and have raised to date: US $8329.50!

Just this last month the family sent another $1100 in support of our projects. It’s amazing what all the gold coin donation’s amount to over a period of time and we have achieved so much through this support.

Thank you Jenna, your family, and your generous customers for the continued support you have been over the years. You have helped give the gift of education since 2009.
#GiveEducation #FundrasingStories

To start fundraising for KCC head to our fundraising page for some helpful ideas.