From KCC Slum Project To KCC Programme

What’s in a name? A lot is in a name which is one of the main reasons we spent eight months this year in the process of officially changing our name at the authorities from: Kitendo Children’s Charity Slum Project to: Kitendo Children’s Charity Programme.

Still KCC, and actually simpler: KCC Programme.

The reasons behind this change are based on where we are now compared to six years ago and the definitions of the words. The first word being “slum”. This is a word that carries a number of negative connotations for people living in these communities. It also tells a limiting narrative and one that pushes down rather than lifting up.

The phrasing we will be using from now on to identify these communities will be informal settlements. The second word is “project”. This is a singular word and KCC has grown! The change of word to programme incorporates many different projects into one programme.

Our new handle and domain name for all our sites, email addresses is: kccprogramme