Rebuild & Start Again

Its been over a month since the devastating fire claimed over 3000 people’s homes in KCC slums. The response from the local community has been mixed, but predominately people have believed that they should stay, and start again. Some of the families have lived in the area for 40 years, some just a few months, but however long someone has lived here people want to stay.

People are now rebuilding are starting again; businesses and homes. They will slowly rebuild on this same land and within time, come to a place of normality again.

Many small businesses and livelihoods were lost in the fire. But through a partnership with a UK registered charity, Mama Biashara, a few small portable one person businesses are getting back on their feet again.

Fires are a haunting reality in slums all over Kenya and developing countries worldwide. Its a major challenge, but maybe, through education of young people, these tragedies can become less frequent in the future.

KCC has had a few children moving further a field, but since the fire the team has worked very hard to promote education and get children to school and the results are that children have formed their routine back to school.