The Next Two Days

We are getting ready for a two day medical camp that will start tomorrow. The camp will be run from KCC school from 10am to 4pm each day. The services will be free and there will be a pharmacy for medications. We will be focusing on minor treatments, growth and monitoring, immunizations, family planning, VCT (HIV testing and counselling) and public education. The camp will have a volunteer group mix of local Ministry of Health professionals, Kenya Red Cross, community health care workers,  International  Volunteers, Fadhili Community and KCC staff and volunteers. This will be the third camp we have sponsored and organized in the the community, but with this camp we are hoping to reach as many people as possible in light of this weeks events. We will be serving food at the camp and we hope that the event will be a moral boost for the community. People are tired, confused, hungry and so with this outreach we hope to give people what they need at their time of need.

Today we repeated our food programme as well as feeding children a supper meal to carry them over to tomorrow. We have been reaching out to as many children as possible regardless of whether they are in our records or not. The main aim of this has simply been to help children, and give them what they need to keep them going, while their families resettle themselves. This is in no way a hand out, but a path to empower people who have been stripped of the bare necessities. There is a timeline and this isn’t forever, but if a child is hungry and weak, this is  where we have come in by feeding them, encourage them and with this action, smiles and appreciation radiates, even without words said.

This is why we stared KCC two years ago, to empower people.

Part of the support we have received this week is going directly into running this initiative. We have advertised the event with posters and banners on a farmers truck that has been driving around the area all day today, along with MYAA and word of mouth. We hope many people come and receive what they need to cope with the fire aftermath. There are a lot of things we can not do, but this  kind of outreach is right within our strengths so this is what we have decided to do.