Medical Camp Results

KCC Medical CampOn Friday and Saturday we ran a two day medical camp for the whole community from the KCC ECD School. Using classrooms and three tents we provided services in: minor treatments,  growth and monitoring, immunizations, family planing, VCT (HIV), public forums and pharmaceutical. We also provided hundreds of cups of cooked uji (porridge) and clothes donations for patients. The camp was very successful with many people amazed and thank full that the camp had no charge, and that it was organised for two days with free pharmaceutical distribution.  Every person was provided a free patient record book and the camp was open to everyone: children, women, men, youth, elderly. We made three separate trips for medicines and had 50 volunteers from Ministry of Health, Kenya Red Cross, International Volunteers HQ, MYAA and KCC.


The total number of clients that came through were:

Friday: 344

Saturday: 325

Total: 669

The common  minor conditions that we came across were:

  • (Under 5 years old) Diarrhoeal diseases, Upper respiratory tract Infection, Intestinal Infestation and Pneumonia.
  • (Over 5 years old) Upper respiratory tract Infection, Malaria, Skin Infections, urinary tract infections, Rheumatism & Diseases of the joints
  • VCT (HIV counselling and testing)  were 122 total.
  • 49 clients received family planning services.

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