They did it! Kilimanjaro for KCC

Phil and Claire climbed Kilimanjaro for KCC last week. They made it to the peak on Friday, this is their story. From Kilimanjaro: For all you doubters and skeptics who didn’t think we were going to make it, or were waiting for the proof […]

Climbing Kilimanjaro for KCC

NZ couple Claire Wheldon and Phil Hacket recently spent two months volunteering at KCC. After their time in Kenya, they hit the road to continue their backpacking African adventure covering East and South Africa. On Monday 12 May, in raising donations and support for KCC, […]

Marcus wins IVHQ Volunteer of the Year

Marcus won! This is a letter from the man himself: This is for you, a letter to my amazing family, friends & KCC supporters. People from NZ, Australia, Canada, USA, Columbia, Brazil, Chile, Scotland, England, Wales, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, South Africa, Uganda and […]