Sustainability Update

In November last year KCC started a campaign with Olympic NZ rowing medalists, Rebecca Scown & Juliette Haigh to raise funds for a self-sufficient and green future. Since this time, through the generosity of the general public, $4045 has been raised for the project!

We are pleased to announce an exciting update on the project. The sustainable future of KCC has this week gone up 10 gears.

Where what was planned for 1 acre of virgin land that essentially needed water, infrastructure, and a good amount of manuel labour to get the essential inputs in place. Has this week stepped up to an opportunity to invest in 17 acres of fertile ready farm land and business proposal that is quite simply, the one of the biggest opportunities KCC has had to date.

The 17 acres of land is right within the area around the current ECD school and where the projects operate from. This farm has many benefits that will significantly move the project forward. The farm land is currently commercially productive land that has water connected, pumps, a nursery, housing and office space, boundary planting and trees a local labour force and much more set in place.

The farm has been growing crops at a commercial scale for many years. Our plans are to start with growing cabbages, tomatoes, green beans and then with time venture into strawberry farming.

So what this means for the the fundraising that has been given since last year, through the Go Fun Me campaign is that these funds, can begin to make an impact, through immediate investments in crops, manure, fertilizer, tractors, labour, training and more.

Given the scale of this opportunity and the original target hasn’t been met yet, we are boosting the campaign to raise more funds over the next three months. Funds are needed to complete the change over and ensure everything is in place to generate funds and sales of high quality produce.

Every donation counts. From $5 to $5000. Everything raised will make a tangible difference to set up a long term solution, that will involve local people from the grass roots level to feeding and educating slum dwelling children and growing and moving KCC forward.

Get involved today by donating or fund raising in your social network, office, business, faith community and neighbourhood. Use the power of your laptop and mobile to help make a difference, and be part of something that is improving food security and changing the lives of children in Kenya.