Bead Choker



Beautifully made traditional Maasai bead choker. Made in the bed crotchet technique. In the Maasai culture the colours all represent significance and meaning:

Blue – Sky for energy and sustenance from the rains
Red – Unity, bravery and strength
Green – Land and health
Black – The people and the struggles that must be endured
White – Purity as the colour of milk from cows that are considered sacred
Yellow – Fertility and growth
Orange – Friendship and hospitality


Women’s Empowerment

All our jewellery is made by the KCC Women’s Group. The group meets weekly and has three main objectives:

Income Generation

Empowering women with business and jewellery making skills.

Feeding Programme Support

Donating 15% of each sale to the school feeding programme.


Investing in opportunities that increase the sustainability of the group and the individuals within it.

Each jewellery sale is divided three ways:

65% Goes directly to the woman who has made the piece of jewellery.

20% Is put aside for sustainability projects.

15% Is donated to the KCC pre-school feeding programme.

Additional information

Weight 147 g