Pumpkin Patch and ANZ Institutional Donate Children’s Clothes

Pumpkin Patch

Christmas came early this year for KCC children when ANZ Institutional initiated a combined effort to get KCC children into some fresh new clothes. To do this, New Zealand children’s clothing company, Pumpkin Patch donated two cartons of clothes and to get the clothes to Kenya, ANZ Institutional funded the entire shipping cost through Fedex as well as the forward and clearing cost once the cartons arrived in Kenya. Wearing new clothes for children from slums is like a dream as their reality is that, they often have just one set of clothes, rags in some cases, that they wear day in and day out and then their school uniform. So to have a set of clothes that are brightly coloured and brand new is like a surprise Christmas gift that you feel amazed to get.

KCC would like to give an extended thank you to everyone involved at Pumpkin Patch and ANZ Institutional for getting the clothes from NZ to Kenya, and helping to make these kids smile.

Here are just some the children in their best clothes. For more photos, head over to Facebook