New Construction Begins

Construction Begins

In January this year, KCC set out on a path to develop a block of land to establish the future of KCC. Fundraising was launched online and by April, with the funds raised, a solid stone security perimeter wall around a corner section of the land was built, and the plans for all the future development was approved through council.

Then from May to August, fundraising continued. Four schools from the UK, Canada & Thailand, from elementary to  university level ran their own campaigns to raise funds for KCC. Students gave their creativity, energy, time and resources to raise funds from within their communities. As well as schools, a cafe in Perth, Australia from one of our very original volunteers, Jenna Menzies, raised money from customers putting small change into a tip jar in her cafe. Many individuals and families have also given, and so with all of the funds that have been raised over these past four months,  today, we are building!

The trenches have been started for a toilet block, washing rooms and the matron house. These buildings will take around 6 weeks to complete. Then after more funds have been raised, we will continue with the kitchen and store, small dinning and a 10,000 litre water tank installation. The cost for this construction being around US$3600.

The boys and girls dorms will then follow!

We need fundraising to continue as much as possible, as the continuation of development rests on raising capital to complete the project. The development that is being carried out this year is the first phase of a long term strategy, to build a two level, eight class primary school including a library, multipurpose hall, play ground, larger dorms, staff housing, and agriculture projects.

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