It’s Our 2nd Birthday!

We are 2! Party time!

Today, we celebrate two years of work in KCC slums. We are humbled and amazed by everything that has taken place over the past 2 years.

It has been with YOUR support that we celebrate and smile today.

We just can’t say thank you enough to all the volunteers, visitors, online supporters, donors, sponsors, individuals, schools, businesses and the local community here in Kenya, for making a difference by supporting our work.

This last year, we have been able to help:

  • 150 children with free education, life saving food & nutrition, medicines and doctor visits;
  • 7 young mums in a support group and income generation skills;
  • 15 youth trained as peer educators;
  • 3 local young women trained as professional Early Childhood Development teachers;
  • 1 primary school educated on safe sex-HIV/AIDS-drugs-alcohol-life skills-health & hygiene;
  • 700 patients from the wider KCC community received public health care through 2 Medical Camps;
  • 180 people counseled and tested for HIV.

So from all of us, Thank you.