Greenhouse Future

Kitendo Children’s Charity is looking to a bright and productive future. A future where children from the slums don’t go hungry, but are eating locally grown, nutritious healthy food. A future also where the project can sustain all the activities currently operating, through income generation and grow the organization in ways we have not seen before.

To date all the food costs have been met through public donations to keep the project running. This in the long term is not sustainable and so a solution is to grow crops in a high yield capacity, that would boost the volume of available food and kick start a new channel for generating income.

Giving towards this project means investment into green technology including; greenhouse, drip irrigation, rain water harvesting, seed, tools, training and more. The project would grow crops to use in the feeding program and then sell the surplus crops into market place as an income. All profits would then be invested straight back into the operating costs of the project. KCC would use this as an opportunity to create a produce brand in Kenya creating greater awareness locally of the projects. This would connect more local people and build the local economy.

Every donation is tracked and receipted. As well as this we have a monthly newsletter with proof of where the support goes, how it makes a difference, stories and the momentum of the project. Kitendo Children’s Charity is committed to long  term change and finding solutions for people living in poverty.