Facebook Donations: Give to KCC without leaving Facebook

Social media, especially Facebook has played a vital role in the growth, momentum and transparecy of KCC.  This week, we are pleased to announce a new and easy method to donate to KCC:  Facebook Donations. We have just added a new feature to our Facebook page to make giving, that much easier. You can give directly to KCC through your credit card or PayPal without leaving the site and its as simple as this: Just find our page facebook.com/kccprogramme then click on the donate button on the top right of our page and your away.

Please note. With each donation we pay 5.2% in fees to the App and PayPal. So if you add 5.2% to your donation then this will help us. 

You will receive a reciept for every donation you make, no matter the amount and have the option of receiving our monthly newsletter.