Merroni’s Story

Merroni 14In March 2009 Merroni was hit by an oncoming van leaving his right leg in a serious condition. His family rushed him to the hospital but the wound did not heal. His leg  become seriously infected.

By December, 2 months after Kitendo Children’s Charity had started the project, Merroni arrived on his own will on two wooden crutches.  After examining his condition thoroughly  with Merroni and his parents, the joint decision was made to get him to the hospital for an amputation and a new prosthetic leg.

In his own words

How did you feel after the accident?

I felt upset because the driver never stopped the car to see if I was ok, he just kept driving. I also didn’t like the feeling of spending time in hospital.



Kitendo Children’s Charity embarked on a fundraising campaign to raise the necessary funds to complete the full procedure from amputation, recovery, the prosthesis   and physiotherapy. Through the generous support of individuals and families, 100% of the funds were raised. Merroni’s classmates from KCC Top Class cheered him on and provided moral support the whole way.

Merroni 15



How did you feel when your new leg was sponsored?

I was so happy. I didn’t think I would have any chance of getting a new leg. I thought it was impossible. I was worried that I would never walk again.

A New Leg

Amputations due to motor vehicle accidents are far too common in Kenya. Merroni was fortunate enough to work with doctors at Kijabe Mission Hospital,  a highly respected hospital in Kenya who specialise in creating prosthetic limbs.

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In his own words

What can you do with your new leg?

I can do anything! I can jump, run, ride a bike, play football which now I am now the best goal keeper at school. I feel so happy that I can now play with my friends.

Sponsorship Into School

After his recovery, Merroni was sponsored into a private school in Naivasha by two past volunteers. He caught up on lost education time due to his accident and is now the top performing pupil in our programme.

What have you learnt from getting a chance to go to school?

I have learnt that it is good to go to school and I have also learnt that to be in school is the best thing in the world, because if I do not learn I am nothing.

What difference has going to school made for you?

Now in school I can speak English and I have learnt how to do a lot of new things that I couldn’t do before. Before I came to school I didnt know much information or life skills, but now after being in school I know a lot more. Im also happy because I have many new friends at school.

How do you feel about your future?

Now I think my future will become real, and I can work towards becoming a doctor. This makes me happy because this has been my dream. I can also help my family and other people in the world.I feel good about my future. 

Thanks to Kitendo Children’s Charity and the generous support of individual people, Merroni is here today living a full life. Merroni is pursuing his dream of one day becoming a doctor, so he can help other people in the same way that many people have helped him.