Canadian Students Making a Difference

Canadian Student Holding FundraisingWe recently had a school from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, organize a very creative fund raiser throughout their school and as a joined effort, they managed to raise $1300!

This was some of their feedback:

I am thankful to have experienced this with my little people in Grade One.  The excitement and passion and care for others is something I will never forget.  They are changed forever and I am confident they will be better global citizens because of this.”

“Every day I have kids from various grades talk to me about the cause, show interest in how much has  been raised or ask questions about life in Kenya. I have seen students writing about it, heard them discussing the topic with their friends and have been told about family time spent looking at KCC on the internet.

KCC is thrilled to have students in another country, give up their own time, to think, act and get excited to raise money to make the world a better place. To see more of their fundraising photos, check out Facebook.

The support that this school has raised will go into helping us build a new future for kids in KCC.

Do you think your school can do something similar? We think you can!

Why not involve your school by getting people excited and raising funds creatively for KCC. To date we have had four schools, in three different countries make a great effort through their fund raising campaigns. Why not get your school involved!

Do you have a question? Please send us an email, tweet @KCCprogramme or comment on Facebook