Maasai Neck Choker


Beautifully made traditional Maasai Neck Choker made in the bead crochet technique.
Our jewellery is hand made so although design similarities are repeated, no piece is exactly the same but will have a dominating theme colour and design.

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Colourful Maasai Neck Choker 39cm in length made in the bead crochet technique. In the Maasai culture the colours all represent significance and meaning:

Blue – Sky for energy and sustenance from the rains
Red – Unity, bravery and strength
Green – Land and health
Black – The people and the struggles that must be endured
White – Purity as the colour of milk from cows that are considered sacred
Yellow – Fertility and growth
Orange – Friendship and hospitality


Women’s Empowerment

All our jewellery is made by the KCC Women’s Group. The group meets weekly and has three main objectives:

Income Generation

Empowering women with business and jewellery making skills.

Feeding Programme Support

Donating 15% of each sale to the school feeding programme.


Investing in opportunities that increase the sustainability of the group and the individuals within it.

Each jewellery sale is divided three ways:

65% Goes directly to the woman who has made the piece of jewellery.

20% Is put aside for sustainability projects.

15% Is donated to the KCC pre-school feeding programme.

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Weight 47 g